Paroles de l'album "Eyes of the Universe" de Barclay James Harvest

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    Eyes Of The Universe Eyes Of The Universe LP Polydor POLD 5029 5th November 1979 MC Polydor November 1979 CD Polydor 821 591 2 12th July 1984 Side 1 Love On The Line Les Holroyd Alright Down Get Boogie Mu Ala Rusic John Lees The Song They Love To Sing Les Holroyd Skin Flicks John Lees Side 2 Sperratus John Lees Rock N Roll Lady Les Holroyd Capricorn John Lees Play To The World Les Holroyd Recording Details Recording Studios Strawberry Studios North Stockport Recording Dates July September 1979 Producer Barclay James Harvest and Martin Lawrence Engineer Martin Lawrence Title Taken indirectly from the lyrics of Sperratus         Look in my eyes         See the light of the universe   Sleeve Designed by Alwyn Clayden with photography by John Shaw The UFO theme is given an interesting twist by the fact that the spaceships are also windows looking out onto another world Original UK copies had a black and white lyric inner and a butterfly embossed on the bottom right corner of the front this is missing from later issues including the CD misleading some fans into thinking that the band s trademark butterfly doesn t appear on the album Guest Musicians This album saw the first guest appearance with BJH of Kevin McAlea ex of Bees Make Honey and fresh from Kate Bush s touring band on keyboards Alan Fawkes who worked with Steve Broomhead plus various members of Sad Café and Steeleye Span on a Tim Hart solo album produced by David Rohl played saxophone on Play To The World Love On The Line Les s opener was selected as a single to promote the album and gained a lot of airplay helping Eyes on its way to platinum status in Germany Ironically the title is similar to Woolly s Lives On The Line which was originally going to be included on the album Like Woolly s bit of bizarre in 6 8 Love On The Line is a rocky number but the theme is the consuming power of love Lyrics Love like a burning fire Creeping up on you Watch as the flame grows higher Can you see it through Don t you know the