Le transport maritime chinois

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    MARITIME TRAFFIC SAFETY LAW OF THE PEOPLE S REPUBLIC OF CHINA   Adopted at the Second Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People s Congress and effective as of January 1 1984    SUBJECT MARITIME LAWISSUING DEPT STANDING COMMITTEE OF PEOPLE S CONGRESSIS SUE DATE 09 02 1983IMPLEMENT DATE 01 01 19 84LENGTH 2993 words TEXT CHAPT ER I GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1 Thi s Law is fo rmulated in o rder to e xer cise better co ntrol of maritime traffic to ensure the safety of vessels installations property and human life and to safeguard th e sovereignty and national interests of this country Article 2 This Law is applicable to all vessels installations and p ersons navigating berthing or carrying out operations in the coastal waters of the People s Republic of China and to the owners and operators of such vessels and installations Article 3 The Harbour Superinten dency Administrations of the People s Republic of China ar e the competent authorit ies solely responsible for the supervision of the safety of traffic in the coa stal waters of this country CHAPTER II SURVEY AND REGISTRATION OF VESSELS Article 4 Vessels and their major equipment an d devices for safe navigation must have valid certificates issued by vessel survey and classification organs Article 5 Vessels must be in posse ssion of valid certificate of nationality or certificate of registry or license CHAPTER III MANNING OF VESSELS AND INSTALLATI ONS Article 6 Vessels shoul d be manned with duly qualified officers and crew according to the standard of manning adequate to ensure the sa fety of navigation Article 7 All captains chief engineers deck officers engineers wireless operators radio telephone operators and similar ranking personnel on board seaplanes or submersibles must hold their respective certificates of competency or licenses All other crew members must be well trai ned for their job Article 8 In accordance with the relevant regulations issue d by the state all installations must carr